Videos & Audios:


Subtext Anniversay Reading in Seattle, Washington, June 6, 2007


A selection of poems from FREE LUNCH at Seattle U’s Hedreen Gallery, Washington, January 8th, 2011


The Breadline Performance Series in Seattle, Washington, January 19th, 2012


A dance poetry piece by SUZANNA


Short Film “You Were Never In Cairo” written by Jeffrey Frace, with text adapted from the poetry of Maged Zaher.


Maged Zaher reads Egyptian Poets: April 23, 2015


Maged Zaher and Rodney Koeneke: April 24, 2015


Maged Zaher reads from The Consequences of My Body


Maged Zaher and Jamaica Baldwin Poetry Reading at Arundel Books!


The Stranger link to message to the city


“Big Data” & Maged Zaher’s “Thank You For The Window Office #12”


Margin Shift Talk: Friends in Poetry



Appearing on Cross Cultural Poetics with host Leonard Schwartz:

Episode #1, “Poetry and Dissent,” October 21, 2003 (29:16):


Episode #30, “Sydney/New York = Cairo/Seattle,” 2004 (1:00:55):


Episode #91, “Intersections,” 2006 (28:04):


Episode #195, “The Alphabet/Farout,” June 7, 2009 (27:28):


Episode #275, reading some new poems and talking about the current situation in Egypt. (21:14):


Interviews and Poems:

Untitled Poem


from ‘Untitled’ Poem, recited by Campbell Thibo


Reading from ‘Opting Out’


Marxist Poetry Podcast