A winged horse in a plane

I’m in pajamas in a garden,

Two monkeys in front of me playing chess.

I don’t look at them, because chess is a dangerous game

About wars and rulers.

I left my room a few hours before;

It was teeming with astronomers awaiting a flying saucer

That carries an ant from another planet

To recite her poems to the coastal poets

Of this earth

I will read too in her presence–

A poem that I hide in my sleeve

About the snoring of a man in a room that I was alone in

And I wasn’t asleep.

I lose my desire to laugh

When I remember all of this in a plane that is almost empty;

Suddenly a door opens, and a winged horse enters,

Asking about me. When they point to him,

He advances towards me and gives me the handbag

I lost years ago

And in it a few sets of lies about the liberation of airports

And waging guerrilla wars in the mountains:

He tells me that mathematics treats asthma

And knee pain.

I thank him, he goes to the door

And disappears.

I’m in pajamas in a garden–

One day, I will win in a dog race

Because it’s sunny.

I’m not worried since my dog is always in the front

And he knows me; if he wins, I will take him out to dinner

In a restaurant for ambassadors who were pirates.

I will smile there, although I forgot how to

Since some time ago.


A Fall drowned in a river

Learn this from me, don’t advise someone who wants to commit suicide.

Offer him your coat and a book about the galaxies of this universe

Tell him about strange things that happens in that coat

And about poets who tear magazines and newspapers pages in those galaxies

Tell him that forgetting is not a refuge

But a room to record the complaints of seals

Tell him about the most beautiful day of your life

When your sister offered you

Precious wine, stolen from a church

And when you hid your secret pains

So that your body doesn’t know them,

If it asked you where this noise comes from?

Trees creep to drink contaminated water

From a river that an autumn escaping from turtles drowned in.

Answer him while laughing.